My place in society does not allow me to play Russian roulette, to open a casino, to carry on a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, to dress myself out of a fashion magazine, to wear sneakers Made in China. My place in society requires me to barely lift a finger, to spy on my concierge, to wait for the bus, to reread the rules which govern my access to the penal code, to put my socks on right side out, to carry on a normal conversation, to correctly spell the following words: ? WARNING, DON?T MOVE, YOU?RE ON CAMERA? (tonelessly), to open a bank account, to climb the walls, to smoke and drink to excess. I?m a folk tale hero. 340,000 copies sold every year. I hold the department store sales record for 40 years. To answer to the question: What color is Henry IV?s white horse? Question... Answer...


series of actions and performances,

initiated by Catherine Baÿ

Catherine Baÿ

Catherine Baÿ lives and works in Paris.
After studying theater (École Jacques Lecoq, Philippe Gaulier, Antoine Vitez), ethnology (Jean Rouch) and dance (Marcia Barcello, Philippe Decouflé, Milly Nichols), Catherine Baÿ spent about 10 years developing her work as a choreographer and director. Her work has led her to experiment in different forms (choreography, performing, directing, video, cabaret), and to collaborate with artists from various disciplines.
From 1987 to 1994, Ms Baÿ orchestrated performances and events in different types of spaces, such as swimming pools, nightclubs, vacant lots, and in the galleries of Yvon Lambert and Anne de Villepoix.

She collaborated with plastic artists (Combas, Jean-Charles Blais, Sylvia Bossu),
architects (Laurence Bourgeois, Pascale Lecoq), and dancers/actors (Alain Rigout, Amy Garmon et Laurence Levasseur), among others.

Since 1994, she has been developing a body of work specific to the codes of representation. In Relief ou le discours sur l’éloquence, she dissects the distances between the intimate versus social body while observing political men’s postures during the 1995 French president’ elections. Ainsi parlait Eliane et Lulu, developed with Marco Berrettini and Kolatch, plays on the confrontation of unique bodies on stage. In 1999, she choreographed Nains mode d’emploi, a show that takes place in a display window, in which Ms. Baÿ elaborates on a complex stage device that establishes a dialog between a video screen and the actors, exacerbates the clown motif, and concentrates on the satirical approach of the world of choreography.
Ms. Baÿ’s reflections on the elaboration of events call for new representation and production modes. With this in mind, she opened, with Gilles and Roël Stassart, Window in 1999, a pro ...


Roël Stassart

Graduate of the Ecole Nationale de Création Industrielle.
Graduate of Ecole Boulle.
Learning of Arts et Metiers.

Inventor in many directions, Roel Stassart realises scenographies, accessories and special effects for choregraphy, museography and events.
Passionated by art and architecture, he makes some objects for many artists and directs amenagement of architectural yards.


Ludovic Germain

Fascinated by the « rumble » of the old fridge, by the stammer of the pressure-cooker and by the plastic swish of shoes, Ludovic has immediatly dreamt about acoustic waves.
After studying industrial design (École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle), he has been interested in sounds which could be emitted by the daily objects : from the « ploke » of a lighter to the « Klic-kloc » of a blinker, as well as in the conception of acoustic environement.
His agency Laps is today specialized in sound design and psychacoustic.
Mixing random sounds and prepared-vibrancys, he creates the major part of the soundtracks for Blanche-Neige, trying to integrate his sonorous signature. A noise in your eyes.


Thomas Courcelle

Born on April 26th, 1971.
Leaves school in 1988 without graduation.
Becomes editor in 1993.

At the same time as the money-getting job of editor for video-clips, publicity, as well as television, Thomas Courcelle takes part in independant movies projects.
Active member of an experimental artistic group (Laps) until its winding-up in 2002, he has created Isotom Productions in 2005.


Samantha Barroero

Samantha Barroero
Samantha Barroero is in charge of the diffusion and the production of the Snow White project.

She has been working as an artistic director for the Brownstone foundation for 10 years; she is an independent curator in charge of several projects with different artists.
Since 2002, Samantha and Catherine Bäy have been collaborating and in 2009 they founded the Labo a235, an organisation about research and diffusion of performance art.
She joined the Snow White project on January 2010.