My place in society does not allow me to play Russian roulette, to open a casino, to carry on a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, to dress myself out of a fashion magazine, to wear sneakers Made in China. My place in society requires me to barely lift a finger, to spy on my concierge, to wait for the bus, to reread the rules which govern my access to the penal code, to put my socks on right side out, to carry on a normal conversation, to correctly spell the following words: ? WARNING, DON?T MOVE, YOU?RE ON CAMERA? (tonelessly), to open a bank account, to climb the walls, to smoke and drink to excess. I?m a folk tale hero. 340,000 copies sold every year. I hold the department store sales record for 40 years. To answer to the question: What color is Henry IV?s white horse? Question... Answer...


series of actions and performances,

initiated by Catherine Baÿ


Monday 15th october 11:38 pm
Snow White have been contacted by Madame X in order to make a quick intervention in the Marais, place and date are still top-secret.
Tuesday 16th october
Meeting with Madame X and the Snow White. Plan of action’s development. They put in conformity the equipment.
Wednesday 17th october
6pm FIAC opening
10pm Snow White meeting, they prepare the intervention.
Thursday 18th october
Thaddeus Ropac Gallery opening, Snow White invade the South-West Marais district.