My place in society does not allow me to play Russian roulette, to open a casino, to carry on a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, to dress myself out of a fashion magazine, to wear sneakers Made in China. My place in society requires me to barely lift a finger, to spy on my concierge, to wait for the bus, to reread the rules which govern my access to the penal code, to put my socks on right side out, to carry on a normal conversation, to correctly spell the following words: ? WARNING, DON?T MOVE, YOU?RE ON CAMERA? (tonelessly), to open a bank account, to climb the walls, to smoke and drink to excess. I?m a folk tale hero. 340,000 copies sold every year. I hold the department store sales record for 40 years. To answer to the question: What color is Henry IV?s white horse? Question... Answer...


series of actions and performances,

initiated by Catherine Baÿ

Blanche Neige Cuba - 2012

Blanche Neige à La Havane (Cuba)

Blanche-Neige at Silencio - Paris - december 2011

Invitée dans le cadre de la programmation dirigée par Marie Audran au silencio, Catherine Baÿ investit l’espace en présentant des installations sonores et vidéos en résonnance avec le lieu et réalise une série de perform ...

Blanche-Neige at Namur - septembre 2011

Exposition Pinocchio & Co avec Alice Anderson, Catherine Baÿ, Matthew Barney, Katia Bourdarel, Will Cotton, Wim Delvoye, Jim Dine, Anna Gaskell, Karen Knorr, Kiki SMith
Du 24 septembre au 30 décembre 2011

Maison de l ...

Blanche Neige at REUNION - FRAC - Mai 2011

À visiter : "Quartier Général des Blanche Neige", 

Créer du partage et de la renc ...

Snow White’s Banquet at the Pompidou Centre - July 2010

Begun in 2002, "Snow White" Project proceeds via a series of performance events. This installation at the Pompidou Centre from 19th to 25th of July 2010 formed a natural extension of the project in the form of a strange ...

Blanche Neige at Rouillé - May 2010

Who is there? An invitation by Christian Rizzo.

Christian Rizzo presents an exceptional event at the Lille Opera on the 6th and 7th of November 2009.

Snow Whites at Todaysart Festival, The Hague (NL) September 2009

The prospect of having performance artists dressed up like Disney’s Snow White parading with toy guns in the city hall caused quite a stir in The Hague over the last weeks. It is not that the Dutch are easily scandalized ...

Blanche-Neige as Shit & Shine's bodyguards on tour !!! dec. 2008 (extract)

First stage : 4/12/08 : AB CLUB / BRUXELLES.
Second stage : 10/12/08 : INSTANTS CHAVIRES / PARIS
Performance by 3 Snow-Whites
Duration: 45 min

Brussels - Stock-exchange - 4th of October 2008 - Nuit Blanche (extract)

Tandis que nous traversons une période tumultueuse au niveau boursier, le bruit court qu’une bande de Blanche-Neige, rôdant aux abords de la Bourse de Bruxelles, envahira celle-ci aux environs du 4 octobre 2008.
Durati ...

Porto - Trama Festival - 25th of October 2008 (extract)

16 Snow Whites, machine gun on hand, were walking around the city of Porto.

Caught sight of the first on the Bolhao’s market around 11, they reappeared at the central rail station around 12.30.
At 14.40, they take ho ...

Blanche-Neige September 2008 Manhattan, Brooklyn, Dumbo...

09.13.08: The rumour is that around ten or so Snow Whites wearing M16 weapons are ready to invade Manhattan.
09.14.08: The New-York Times confirms the rumour of a probable Snow Whites invasion.
09.15.08: Following the ...

Cormailles Park - Ivry - 20th of September 2008

09.20.08: Exactly one year after the Snow Whites Invasion of the Mac/Val museum and at the same time of the invasion in NY, ten Snow Whites attacked the Cormaille Hill in the Vitry-sur-Seine park.

Performance of ten S ...

Parcours Saint Germain - SONIA RYKIEL - May 2008 - (extract)

Invited by the organisation of Parcours Saint Germain, Snow Whites were invading the Sonia Rykiel shop…
Performance of 6 Snow Whites.
Duration: 2h30 hours

MAC/VAL 16th of September 2007 Journée du Patrimoine (extract)

Performance for 16 snow whites
Duration 4h

NRV#1 - Bordeaux - Déc. 2005 (extract)

Invited in the frame of NRV#1 (organized by the TNT)
Performance in the cty center of Bordeaux, St Catherine street
Duration 3 h

The Shed - Sept. 2005 (extract)

La Cabane. presumed date Sept 2005

Arborescence - Aix en provence - Sept. 2005 (extract)

Fifth edition of Arborescence festival, numeric arts festival

Arsenic Theater - Lausanne - Oct. 2004 (extract)

Invited in the frame of the free hand to Perceuse Production
Performance investing the totality of the Arsenic Theater (cafeteria, fallout shelter, show rooms, repetiton room) Duration 3h30

Cartier Foundation - Paris - Avr. 2004 (extract)

In the frame of Nomad evening ( Marc Newston exhibition)
Performance investing the totality of the Foundation space (garden, stockrooms, offices, exhibition rooms)
Duration 2h30

Morsang sur Orge Castle - Janv. 2004

In the frame of Lionel Scoccimaro exhibition
Performance situated in the municipal park of Morsang in front of the castel
Duration 30min

Brownstone Foundation - Paris - Oct. 2003 (extract)

Performance in the gallery of the Foundation, Paris III
Duration 2h30

Studio 14 - Paris - Fév. 2003 (extract)

Blanche-Neige original stage production taken up again in september 2004 for UOVO festival in Milan
Duration: 60 min