My place in society does not allow me to play Russian roulette, to open a casino, to carry on a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, to dress myself out of a fashion magazine, to wear sneakers Made in China. My place in society requires me to barely lift a finger, to spy on my concierge, to wait for the bus, to reread the rules which govern my access to the penal code, to put my socks on right side out, to carry on a normal conversation, to correctly spell the following words: ? WARNING, DON?T MOVE, YOU?RE ON CAMERA? (tonelessly), to open a bank account, to climb the walls, to smoke and drink to excess. I?m a folk tale hero. 340,000 copies sold every year. I hold the department store sales record for 40 years. To answer to the question: What color is Henry IV?s white horse? Question... Answer...


series of actions and performances,

initiated by Catherine Baÿ

NRV#1 - Bordeaux - Déc. 2005 (extract)

Adam Camille, Beauchamps Julie, Duclos Camille, Dupuy Stéphanie, Gheytanchi Haleh, Juan Karen, Konrad Blanche, Le Meur Léa, Maisonneuve Sarah, Mauzit Elsa, Paris Camille, Sanchez Serrano Sara, Simonet Elise, Stenger Marianne, Vallet Aurélie.

Photography director: Catherine Merdy
Editing : Thomas Courcelles / ISOTOM
Costumes designer: Roël Stassart.

Thanks to
Alexia Philippon et Eric Chevance, Sam, Sébastien et Jean-Marc, Frédéric Valay (IRIS Caméra), Patrick Troudet et Isabelle Warin and to the team of TNT, Manufactures de Chaussures of Bordeaux, UTOPIA cinema of Bordeaux as well as Opéra of Bordeaux

Production : Association du 41 with the collaboration of TNT - Manufacture de Chaussures of Bordeaux – All rights reserved


A few days before Christmas, about fifteen Snow Whites take over the city-center of Bordeaux.
Nobody never really knew why they were there, neither who has invited them.
Rumours spread over gazettes and regional newspapers all around.
Some thought of a political manoeuvre, others of a simple farce and others, more pragmatic, that was a Christmas present from the shopkeepers of the city of Bordeaux.
Anyway, that made a real scandal causing extreme behaviors from the natives, from simple laughter to mass hysteria.

Two days later, there was no more traces of the path of the Snow Whites’ appearance, except some amused or outraged souvenirs. The shopkeepers who thought to make profit out of it, noticed that the daily sales was cut down by 30% that day.