My place in society does not allow me to play Russian roulette, to open a casino, to carry on a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, to dress myself out of a fashion magazine, to wear sneakers Made in China. My place in society requires me to barely lift a finger, to spy on my concierge, to wait for the bus, to reread the rules which govern my access to the penal code, to put my socks on right side out, to carry on a normal conversation, to correctly spell the following words: ? WARNING, DON?T MOVE, YOU?RE ON CAMERA? (tonelessly), to open a bank account, to climb the walls, to smoke and drink to excess. I?m a folk tale hero. 340,000 copies sold every year. I hold the department store sales record for 40 years. To answer to the question: What color is Henry IV?s white horse? Question... Answer...


series of actions and performances,

initiated by Catherine Baÿ

Arsenic Theater - Lausanne - Oct. 2004 (extract)

Blanche-Neige / Théâtre de l’Arsenic – Lausanne / Switzerland
In the frame of the free hand to Perceuse Production

Abi Saab Paulette, Bagala Chiara, Bolle Agnès, Caroline Lam, ?Chauvin Bonnébault Célina, Christen Ariane, Cima Marie -Jo, Diebold Emmanuelle, Dind Annika, Duc Sarah, Karamisaris Alexandra, ?Philippe Laurence , Renken Raphaelle, Ribbing Emma, Thomas-Gerard Leslie

sound : Ludocic Germain, Thomas Courcelle.
Images : Thomas Courcelle, Roël Stassart and Catherine Baÿ
editing : Thomas Courcelle

Thanks to
Umberto Angelini, Alessandra Simeoni, the two Yann, the two cookers, Marius, Daniel Demont and Lionel Hautbois as well as all the Arsenic Theater team.


An October evening, about twenty Snow Whites took possession of the Arsenic Theater in Lausanne during four hours …
A few days later, for the reopening of the theater, the direction was surprised to see the place so messed up.
Indeed, as usually, there was no Snow Whites in the place, but instead there was a large amount of traces, such a pile of (many kinds of bins, empty bottles, cigarettes buts on the floor, etc). The director was mostly stroke by the presence of writings on the walls, like those we can see in financial newspapers, as well as the presence of Snow Whites on the monitors of the theater, each one developing in her own language a text, that we had been able to translate in French since then.